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Recycling for Baxter County


Baxter Day Service Center

1631 Leo Davis Drive

Mountain Home, AR  72653


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Paul Neal, Executive Director

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Work Activity at the Center

Recognizing the importance of meaningful, productive work, Baxter Day Service Center provides vocational training and supportive employment for their adult clients. Our 33,000 square foot warehouse houses both Baxter Recycling and Custom Cedar Products. These two divisions of Baxter Day Service Center offer the disabled individual an educational employment environment where he or she can learn work ethics, job skills, and acceptable social behavior in the work place.

Besides providing client employment, these two facilities provide quality services and products to our local community and the world wholesale market.

Baxter Recycling provides Baxter County and the city of Mountain Home, Arkansas with all its recycling needs. They accept:

  • Plastic with #1- #9 recycling symbols. Milk and water jugs, soft drinks, soap, cleaners, bleach, mouthwash, shampoos, coffee can lids, cooking oil containers minus the oil. Rinse, remove caps and neck rings and flatten.
  • Clear and brown glass, clean with lids and neck rings removed. Labels need not be removed.
  • Steel cans (commonly called "tin cans"), clean. Labels need not be removed. Rinse and crush.
  • Aluminum cans.
  • Newsprint, dry and not yellowed.
  • Corrugated and unwaxed household cardboard.
  • Brown paper shopping bags and brown wrapping or craft paper.
  • Magazines and catalogs.

Custom Cedar Products manufactures 100% cedar products for your home. Our cedar products are crafted with the help of the developmentally disabled adults. From sawing wood to final packing, these adults take great pride in their work.


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